Pacific Synagogue
The Pacific Synagogue is open to all. It has two major objectives; firstly to serve unaffiliated Jewish people who donít want to pay the often times heavy annual cost of belonging to a traditional Synagogue and secondly, non conforming Jewish people who are choosing to follow their hearts and minds, yet still want to keep a connection to their Jewish heritage and culture. The Pacific Synagogue has always maintained three Rabbis on call. Between incorporation in 2001 and 2015 it has served and supported over 650 couples and families.

In the Beginning
The inspiration to establish the Pacific Synagogue was passed down from generation to generation. In 1933 Rabbi Ianís grandfather, Jacob Adler, purchased a large building for the purpose of establishing the King Edward Street Synagogue in London. Soon thereafter, he relocated his family to Windsor, not too far from Windsor Castle. When World War Two tore through the heart of London with the Blitz, the city to begin a major evacuation. The King Edward Street Synagogue moved their Torahs to my Grandfather, Jacob to keep them safe. Being Orthodox and proud Jacob was well known for his sense of spiritual community and so he set up a temporary Synagogue in the United Reformed Church on William Street, Windsor (which still stands today). For six years the Synagogue was a spiritual refuge for Jewish people displaced from London. It is worth noting that the father of the United Kingdom's future Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Jacobovitz, attended Jacob Adlerís Windsor wartime congregation.

Jacob Adler inspired his grandson Ian to go even further and, "open our arms, our hearts and the doors of the Synagogue to welcome everyone to celebrate in the spirit of Judaism".

Rabbi Ian moved from London, England to Southern California in 1997. He established the Pacific Synagogue as a Jewish spiritual resource open to all in an accepting environment.

The Pacific Synagogue is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing spiritual resources for all who are in and connected to Jewish families.

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