Homeless Shelters
Proactive community support means the Pacific Synagogue takes action to provide help and support when it's needed most. The annual winter homeless initiative in North San Diego County has provided shelter and services to 100's of families facing the desperate challenge of a warm place to stay at the height of Winter. As an integral part of the Pacific Synagogue's Homeless Initiative Policy, every year our Rabbis are required to serve as personnel, monitors, as well as providing other tangible charitable support to the Winter Homeless Shelter at Temple Adat Shalom in Poway. The focus of the Winter Shelter Program is to shelter participants from the elements for the winter holidays and New Year. The shelter program also offers meals, showers, clothing and other supplies.

Retirement Communities
In 2014 a Retirement Community Outreach program was developed to make our Rabbis available to retirement homes around San Diego.

Bereavement Support
Since the Synagogue was established in 2001 our Rabbis have been providing the community with bereavement counseling and support. This has been a great resource for families and individuals seeking a shoulder to lean on and professional guidance in times of loss, sorrow and sadness.

Email: PacificSynagogue@gmail.com to access our Outreach Community Services.